Wake Up With Peppermint Oil

Pure Essential OilsOne of the doTERRA essential oils that I use daily is our Peppermint oil. I love this oil for so many reasons, one of which is it has the ability to wake me up if I feel like I’m dragging. By just uncapping the lid of the bottle and inhaling the essence of the oil in through my nose, I get an immediate jolt of openness in my airways. It feels like the clouds in your head have parted and you can think clearly again. I carry this oil with me everywhere I go so I can use it for myself and share it with friends. I’ve even been known to let a weary hiker take a whiff of it when I’m out on the trail. ~ I use Peppermint oil on the bottom of my feet to keep them cool, I put a drop of it in my drinking water to freshen my breath and energize my senses. I use it topically on my skin when I’ve seen too much sun and when I feel a slight itch. It’s wonderful for keeping ants and pests away, it will soothe you when you are experiencing head tension, and it can cool down your entire body by diluting it with a carrier oil and applying it all over your skin. If you feel a tightness in your muscles or joints, massage a bit of this oil right on the affected area for natural relief.(FYDH) And if you need to relax your digestive system, this oil can gently help to soothe what’s going on in there. ~ There are hundreds of uses for Peppermint essential oil, more than I can cover on here. But if you just type Peppermint Oil in the Search window at the top of this page, everything I’ve written about it will pop up!

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