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Everyone Needs OilsDuring the time that I’ve been writing this blog I’ve talked about a lot of different topics. The oils have always been the main focus but I like to talk about positive thinking, the law of attraction, residual income opportunities, and the mind-body connection, just to name a few. Today I want to focus on You. Your life. ~ Yesterday I met with an old friend who has never taken an interest in the Essential Oils I share with people. She knows what I do, she just never asked me about it. Last week I heard from her and she asked if I could come up and talk to her during her lunch break at work. That was yesterday and what happened during our time together was mind-blowing for her. First, when we sat down she told me she had head tension and her neck was tense. Her job is difficult and she works 6 days a week because of financial issues. I handed her our PastTense blend of oils and told her how to apply it to her forehead and temples, and then I stood behind her and rubbed some Deep Blue into the muscles on her neck and shoulders. Within 3 minutes she felt relief and was in total shock. There is so much more to this story but to keep it brief for the blogs sake, I started a conversation with her about changing her life and maybe getting into something different on the side. I explained to her, after listening to her tell me she was unhappy, exhausted, and didn’t have much quality of life, how she could start sharing doTerra with people she knew who might benefit from the oils themselves. By the end of our meeting she had a bounce in her step and I could see the hope that was filling her eyes. This concept is a simple one, especially if you start sharing oils in a team like ours. Support matters, and we are here to help people change their lives if they want to. ~ This is OUR life… I know I’m happy in mine… are you happy in yours? If the answer is no, let’s chat.

Change can be a good thing…    Jana

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