Thank A Veteran Today

Thanking all our VeteransToday is Veterans Day and we should all take a moment to thank all of the men and women who have served our country to keep us free. This is a big deal, and it’s why we have this holiday every year. I know I feel gratitude for their service and so should every American. ~ Another thing I’m thankful for are the owners of doTERRA who decided years ago that the whole world deserved to know about natural forms of healthcare and built a business to share the purest essential oils with anyone who wanted them. Seven years ago I knew literally nothing about essential oils, yet today I feel truly educated about them and confident when I share them with others. I love the way people respond to them and immediately want to embrace them and then share them with people they know who could benefit from them too. It’s like a tidal wave of goodness that envelops everyone. ~ On a last note as I end this blog for the weekend…. I have been dealing with some real dysfunctional family issues for quite some time which I thought were finally easing away. Unfortunately, I found out yesterday that this is not the case and that I may be in a long, bitter battle to fight for my rights on some issues. I’m up for it but it makes me wonder about people who truly want to harm others, whether it be emotionally or physically. And it makes me question the laws that stand in California about so called privacy issues when it is clear that mental illness is at play here. I have a long way to go, and it won’t be pleasant, but I am determined to change things so others don’t have to face the bullshit laws that I’ve run into. No one deserves this unfairness…

Be grateful for your sanity,    Jana

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