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Pure Essential OilsSome of you are reading this, wondering what Spikenard is. I’d never heard of it until last year so I’ll fill all of you in. Spikenard is an essential oil that is steam distilled from the roots of the plant. The scent of this oil is one of the strongest I’ve ever inhaled. I love it now, but in the beginning I wasn’t so sure I’d ever use it. I even get emails from people telling me they felt the same, yet they too have embraced it because it can help in so many ways. One reader told me she diffuses Spikenard when she’s feeling unsteady or overwhelmed. When inhaled, this oil can help to soothe and bring balance to emotions and mood fluctuations. And if you have any skin targets that need some TLC, apply this oil topically, either straight out of the bottle or diluted with a carrier oil, and watch and feel the results. I recently had a small blemish on my chin and after rubbing a tiny bit of Spikenard on it, I felt a slight tingling and then I was amazed to watch the pinkness recede and the skin looked less puffy. doTERRA has many oils that are good for the skin, but you might not have all of the oils in your home. This website is a tool to help you find out if what oils you have may work for specific things. ~ Another popular use for this oil is to rub a little of it over your lower abdomen area to help soothe and calm ongoing digestive targets. People love using this oil for head tension as well. Just apply some on your forehead, temples, and the back of your neck. Relax and feel the soothing envelop you. ~ For more info, type SPIKENARD in the Search window at the top of this page and everything I’ve written about it will pop up!

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