My Love Affair With Rose

doTERRA's CPTG OilsBack in October, doTERRA came out with a new essential oil in their Touch line… Rose. People were really excited because before this the oil was only available during special promotions that ran only once a year for the most part. And if you didn’t meet the qualifications, well, you were out of luck until the next year. But now everyone can purchase this oil which comes already diluted with our Fractionated Coconut oil, in a 10ml rollerball bottle. This allows easy application on any spot on your body that wants it. The choice points I find are over my heart, my wrists, behind my ears, and on my neck. I have begun a love affair with this oil and I’ve been using it a lot lately because the scent triggers an emotional response/benefit that is uplifting, yet calming. When a person is feeling overwhelmed, this oil can help soothe nerves and calm the emotions. ~ One of the things that makes this oil one of the more expensive essential oils is that it takes about 12,000 rose blossoms to create one 5ml bottle of oil. And that is only about 85 drops of oil! When you purchase this oil in our Touch line you can get it for $100 retail, and $75 wholesale. If you’re interested in getting a wholesale account, I can set it up quickly with no hassles, just get a hold of me personally! ~ Some of the more popular ways to use this oil are for the health of your skin, covering many areas and targets, such as an even skin tone, more radiant looking skin, and soothing over fine lines and wrinkles. Dark spots and blotches can be eased away also when this oil is applied in a consistent manner right over the area in need. ~ Almost everyone in my group has this oil in their home now…. would you like it too? Let me know!

Have a great day!    Jana

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