It’s Back To School Time!

You Can Use Our Essential Oils Safely In A Classroom!Several teachers I know use a lot of Essential Oils in their classrooms during the school year and just love how they work. There are so many ways to use our oils and I will share some of the teachers tips with you. If you put a few drops of our Protective blend in a spray bottle with distilled water you can use it as a surface spray to clean surfaces that get touched a lot by the kids. Desks, chairs, rulers, the projector, pencil sharpener, etc. You can use Lemon as well because that oil also kills germs on contact and the scent makes kids happy. Some of the teachers like to diffuse the oils in the air during test or study time to wake kids up. The favorite for this is Peppermint. If you diffuse Lavender oil it helps to keep kids calm and relaxed. If you are looking to keep the kids happy, diffusing Bergamot or Wild Orange in the classroom will do the trick. Some of the teachers I talked to also diffuse the Protective blend in the air because it kills germs circulating in the air and on surfaces. Also, if you use this blend on the bottoms of kids feet, it seems to soothe them. As you can see there are many uses for these oils in a classroom. And the best part is, they are all natural!

Have a great day!    Jana

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