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On Guard oils & productsHow many people use public transportation once in awhile or maybe often? I do occasionally and I’m always highly aware of the surfaces and seating I’m on or around. I wonder how many germs are waiting to attach themselves to me as I sit down or pull a tray table down. These days, as I’ve written about a lot lately, we have to be proactive with our health and our bodies to keep them running at tip-top speed. And if you help yourself first, you will be more likely to help other people in your family stay on top of their health as well. ~ So, what are some of the easy, convenient ways you can help to keep germs and ‘bugs’ at bay? Let’s start with doTERRA‘s On Guard Sanitizing Mist. This mist can be used on your hands after touching things that might not be completely clean, and you can also use it directly on surfaces by just spritzing it right on from the spray bottle it’s packaged in. This is one of the newer products that we have available and it’s been selling really well because people love it. You can also carry around a bottle of our On Guard oil and rub it on pulse points and the trachea for a protective barrier when you are out and about. And besides our On Guard products, having the Breathe blend for respiratory support, the Melaleuca and/or the Oregano oil for external and internal support, plus the King of Oils, Frankincense… for just about anything that might pop up, you will be prepared for the days ahead. ~ Check out our DigestZen line of products for your digestive health, plus our lozenges that can soothe and support your throat and immune system throughout the year. doTERRA has a lot of options besides these so contact me directly with any questions.

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