Hard Work Pays Off…

CPTG Essential OilsThe last few weeks… OK, wait, the last few months, I have been ‘working’ at an accelerated rate because my team in doTERRA has grown exponentially: Big word, big meaning! ~ Because of the rise in interest for natural options for our health, especially since the store shelves can’t keep up with the demand for popular ‘solutions’ due to this crazy bug that’s going around, I have been out sharing the information that I am so passionate about. Just yesterday I spent over six hours in my old home town of Alpine because so many people had emailed or texted me about where I disappeared to. They needed samples, they needed me to meet with people they knew who wanted alternative options for easy issues, and they wanted to learn more about pure essential oils that could provide relief for common targets. I was happy to oblige and it turned out to be one of my most rewarding days. ~ The title of this post is’ Hard Work Pays Off’, and it does…. but I didn’t write that about myself and what I’VE created… I titled this blog about how the owners of doTERRA came together just a few short years ago to change the world, one person at a time. They knew that by creating the most pure, safe, essential oils manufactured today, that they could help soothe so many common concerns that most family’s face. – Head tension, emotional balance, skin targets, digestive and respiratory flare ups, female and male specific issues, pet concerns and targets, etc., doTERRA can pretty much offer a safe, natural response for almost anything. I have been sharing doTERRA for almost seven years and every day I am rewarded by some story, a call from a reader, a text from a user, who shares with me how much doTERRA has added to their lives. It never gets old, and I am so grateful for this company; run by seven hearts of Gold…

Have a Blessed day!    Jana




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