Ginger Oil : More Stories!

doTERRA Essential OilsYesterday morning I got a call from a friend who’s husband was feeling unbalanced and it was so bad that he didn’t feel comfortable to drive his car. She immediately called me and asked what essential oil might help because she knew I would probably know. I told her Ginger oil, which she had a bottle of, and she rubbed some of the oil on the tops of his ears, behind his ears, and then a line of it down his upper spine. Thirty minutes later she texted me and said he was feeling back to normal… how exciting is that? ~ doTERRA‘s Ginger oil also helped a reader of mine when she was needing soothing support for a scratchy throat. She got a shot glass of water and put 2 drops of Ginger oil in it and gargled with it. She said it comforted her throat immediately. ( this is good info to store away for the next time you might experience this! ) ~ Another woman told me that the scent of our Ginger oil helped to balance out her moods. She wore it like a perfume on her pulse points, and when she was home she diffused it in the air. I can personally relate to this because the scent of Ginger for me has always been comforting and I have also wore it topically. ~ A few years ago I wrote about a man who ran marathons and he used Ginger oil on his legs after a run because it soothed his overworked muscles and joints. And the smell put him in a good mood as well. ~ The last story I’ll fit on here is about how people can also calm their digestive tract with Ginger oil. By just putting a drop on your tongue, or putting 2 drops in an empty gel capsule and swallowing, this is a sure way to tame a tummy fast!

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