Essential Oils Vs. OTC Medications / A Cost Breakdown

I often get asked about the cost difference between over the counter medications and Essential Oils so I thought it would be a good subject to write about here. First, I would like to tell you that there are 250 drops of oil in one of our 15ml bottles of Essential Oils. (There are about 80 drops in our 5ml bottles.) So, if you were to use our Lavender oil everyday, a drop a day, the bottle would last you about 250 days. The retail cost of our Lavender Essential Oil is $28.00. Let’s compare that to OTC hydrocortisone creams. A tube that will last you about 15 days costs between $5.00-$15.00, depending on the brand. If you have a skin problem that requires constant use of the cream; itching, rash, swelling, etc., you will go through quite a few tubes of the cream in a short period of time. And the worst part is, the hydrocortisone cream does not heal the problem, it just puts a band-aid on it. AND it is leaving substances in your body that cause all kinds of negative side effects. Back to our oils… all natural, zero side effects. And most of the time, depending on the condition, pure Essential Oils will help the issue.~ Some of our oils are more expensive than others and that is because of the type of plant, the degree of difficulty in extracting the oils from the plant, etc. The point is, you can replace all of your over the counter medications with pure, Essential Oils. I have done this in my home and it has been so rewarding. I can use the oils on my son knowing I am doing the best thing for him. How many of you would like to have this opportunity too? Well, you can! Just call me or email me and I will send you the link to visit my store. And if you’d like to save up to 25% off your orders, email me or call me and I will tell you how. I hope this helps you to understand how you can address some of  your health issues  naturally, inexpensively and safely. I only used one oil today as an example but across the board you will save a lot of money by using Essential Oils!

Have a great day!     Jana

* For details on the company and oils I use, contact me directly!


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