Essential Oils Are Not A Fad

Purest on the PlanetI spend an enormous amount of time talking to people about essential oils and why they are so popular. Since I’ve built my website up and also my YouTube channel, I can direct people to it when I’m out and about so they can see I’m serious about what I do. Several days ago while I was out talking to some people, one of the guys in the group said he believed that the oils were a fad… that they would be used for awhile and then put on the back shelf, never to be used again. Four years ago I might have jumped down his throat, or gotten irritated, but not these days. If I happen to have an oil with me, and I always do, I can give these skeptical people an oil experience right where we are and their tune always changes. For this guy I simply asked him if he would like to try the Peppermint experience. He reluctantly said yes and held out the palm of his hand which I poured a single drop of oil in. I told him to rub his palms together, hold them over his open mouth and nose, and inhale deeply a few times. He immediately had the sensation of his whole head ‘waking up’. I could tell he was impressed so I jumped into my doTERRA language right there for he and his friends to listen to. ~ I have learned that if I can just get an oil in or on someone, it’s a total game-changer for them. Most everyone is fascinated by the history of the oils and how their comforting properties were forgotten about over the past thousand years or so. doTERRA is committed to giving everyone in the world a chance to have these oils in their possession, and I’m here to help. If you’d like details about this, contact me today, I’m waiting for your call!

Have a great day!    Jana

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