Don’t Waste It

Natural Options 4 U!Last week was doTERRA‘s annual convention and on Saturday I shared with you the new oils and products that were unveiled. They will all be available for purchase on October 1st, so if you want to purchase any of them, you’ll be able to in just a couple of weeks. ~ Last night I had a dream where an old friend came to me and said these words to me… ‘Don’t Waste It.’ I immediately woke up and thought I was in the movie, Field of Dreams. But only for a minute. What I took from that message was that with all of the information I had absorbed over the past week, I needed to step up to the plate and share it. Not just the oils, but the way doTERRA is changing lives in communities all over the world. Two years ago the owners of doTERRA partnered with the people of Somalia so we could harvest Frankincense oil from the trees in their region. Not only that, our CEO told them that we would provide a sustainable, continuous income for them that would be life-changing, but they needed to change something for him. That change was to allow their women and children to be able to go to school and be a part of the processing of the harvest. So just like that, hundreds of years of tradition was removed and now the kids and women have a school and a medical center. These are events that are progressive and positive, and not impossible to achieve when people are willing to work together. Watching the video made me cry because not only was it beautiful to see, but it made me realize how important it is to share this part of doTERRA with others. I have more stories to share on here about the other countries we are partnering with and I look forward to doing that as the weeks go by.

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