Diaper Rash Defeated!

Melaleuca Essential Oil Takes Diaper Rash Away!!” Hi, I am a young mom who has been newly introduced to doTerra Essential Oils. I bought The Family Physician Kit after going to a presentation of the oils and their uses. Since that time I have been using the oils for so many things and I just love the fact that this is a healthy way to ‘doctor’ my family. And one of the most comforting things that has happened is my using Melaleuca oil for my babies diaper rash. I listened to the CD that is included in the FP kit and Dr. Hill was saying how gentle this oil was and also how potent it was for most skin issues. So I applied it to my daughter on the rash and it helped take the rash and bumps away very quickly. What a relief! There is nothing worse then seeing your baby suffering. So Thank You doTerra…we parents salute you! : )”

Susie J.         Carlsbad, CA




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