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doTERRA Essential OilsI get a lot of emails so I’m not able to share all of the stories I hear on this blog every day. Sometimes though, I like to write about one of the doTerra products and tell you what some readers have sent in to me. Today I wanted to share some of the Deep Blue comments I’ve gotten over the past year because I personally really love these oils and products. Apparently, so do a lot of you. ~ One lady told me about how she used the Deep Blue Polyphenol supplements before her everyday gym workouts. She believes the plant extracts included in the supplements help to support her joints and muscles, allowing her body to experience less discomfort after her routine. ~ Another woman told me that she has experienced real relief after applying the Deep Blue oil blend on her forehead and temples when her head tension flares up. She loves the sensation this oil offers… a ‘drawing out’ of the tension and a cooling response. ( I have heard a LOT of stories like this one! ) ~ Someone else wrote in to talk about how he uses the Deep Blue Rub on his tired legs after a day on his farm. A lot of physical activity can take it’s toll on your muscles and joints and this Rub is wonderful. ~ And let’s not forget the Deep Blue Touch roll on, diluted with fractionated coconut oil so that even the most sensitive skin can handle the blend with ease. One reader talked about using it on her neck tension and the convenience of having it in a roller ball bottle was right up her alley. Plus, she could easily stow it in her purse for quick access to it when she needed it. ~ If you’d like a sample of this oil blend, send me your info and I’ll send you a couple of our sample packs. If you’ve never tried this blend, you need to!

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