Cradle Cap Remedy

Help Get Rid of Cradle Cap With Our Essential Oils!As I go out in the community and share doTerra‘s products, I hear a lot of great stories about how these oils are working for certain problems people have. And I sometimes get questions about conditions that people are suffering with. Recently I had a mom with a baby ask me if there was anything she could use on her babies head to get rid of the cradle cap. I wasn’t sure but I knew I could find the answer in the Modern Essential book. So I took her number and went home to look it up. Sure enough, it said that if you mixed 2 Tbsp almond oil with 1 drop of Lemon and 1 drop of Geranium Essential Oil together and put a small amount of the blend on the area of concern it should help with the scaling. So I called her and met her so I could give her the samples and I heard back that it was actually working to speed up the process of the scaling of the skin. And her baby wasn’t irritated by the oils at all! One more story that I can now share with all of you. I love how people are so eager to share their experiences because it just flows out to help others. Thanks to all of you, this website is reaching a ton of people who want alternative ways to help with their healthcare issues.

Have a great day!     Jana

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