Clove Essential Oil Will Help You Quit Smoking…Naturally!

Clove Oil will help you stop smokingI never stop researching these oils and their uses because I am seeing so many wonderful results from the samples I’ve been giving out. People get in touch with me daily with questions about one thing or the other. I have never been a smoker, but I know it is a highly addictive problem. I have had friends who tried everything and just could not kick the habit. So when I stumbled on clove Essential Oil as being able to stop the cravings, or desire, for nicotine I was intrigued. I gave a sample to a friend and when she would get a ‘craving’ she would put one drop of oil on her tongue. She hasn’t quit totally yet, but she told me she has cut her smoking in half…and it has only been two weeks since she started with the clove oil! I can tell you she is a very happy woman! Some of the other uses for clove Essential Oil are: dental infection and toothaches, bronchitis, fatigue, halitosis, infection in wounds, insect bites and stings, to name a few. I hope if you are experiencing any of these problems you will try this oil…I am sure it will help!

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