Cat Scratch Relief

This is my crazy cat...I have a kitten who is turning 1 this month and I have never seen a cat who is so active. She plays ball like a dog and is constantly getting into everything. I need to video tape her antics and submit them to America’s Funniest Home Videos. One of the things about cats is they are very skittish. And their claws are very sharp. Last week I was holding my cat and something spooked her and she launched off of me and tore my bicep up pretty bad. The main wound was pretty deep. When cats scratch you it usually makes the skin itch and throb for a few days while it is getting better. Since I didn’t want to go through that process, I got out my oils and used them immediately. I first put on a layer of Helichrysum to draw out any issues and to stop the bleeding. After that I put some Lavender on top and kept applying it every couple hours. It is amazing how quickly it has helped. And I never experienced any of the itching or throbbing that normally occurs. It still blows me away how great these oils work. And I love that I get to share these stories with you on this blog! : )

Have a great day!     Jana

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