Calm Those Jitters, Naturally!

doTERRA Essential OilsAbout a month ago I wrote about a lady who calmed her jitters when she had to talk in front of groups of people. She did this by using doTERRA‘s Neroli essential oil which comes from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. This lady would simply apply the oil to her pulse points, the back of her neck, and on the bottoms of her feet before she had to step up in front of a crowd. She was amazed at how well it soothed her and calmed her down. ~ Since I posted that blog, I have heard back from a few people who also shared their stories of calming jitters after using some of our other essential oils. One of the best ones was from a newly trained flight attendant who had been fighting her fear of flying all throughout her training with the airline. She was determined to find something to help her when a friend suggested looking into doTERRA’s oils. What she found was Vetiver and our Balance blend, applied topically, together, on the bottoms of her feet and over her chest and neck. This is a well-known ‘recipe’ in the E.O. world and it has supported a lot of people along their way. ~ Another lady told about how our Forgive blend helped her to overcome her fear of leaving the house. She would have total anxiousness ( I have to word it this way ) at the thought of going out in public and it was almost crippling for her. After using the Forgive oil, and learning some breathing techniques, she was able to calm herself enough to move ahead with her life. ~ I have heard a lot of stories since I started this blog and they never get old. Please feel free to share your own stories with me any time!

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