Bone, Joint and Muscle

If You Have Joint or Muscle Pain, I Can Help You!About a month and a half ago I started a new exercise program that allows me to do it at home in front of my TV. It has several DVDs that I work out to 6 days a week. I did this because I was tired of putting my own health on the backburner like so many of us do. During this time I have noticed my knees getting distressed because of all the bouncing and movement…I have tile flooring so it is a bit harder on my joints. As the days have gone by I started to use several of my essential oils on my knees to see which ones worked the best to soothe certain parts of my body. I have been using our Soothing blend Rub, the Massage blend, Wintergreen and White Fir. I don’t use them together, just a different one each day. So far I have noticed the Soothing Rub is helping a ton at relaxing parts of my body. I just rub a tiny amount in a circular motion until the lotion is totally absorbed. The massaging part helps too, I am sure! The Massage blend I have been using on my elbows and shoulders and I use The Wintergreen and White Fir on my ankles. There is a lot of back and forth movement to these exercises and it is taking a toll on my ankles. Using these oils right after my workouts has allowed me to bounce back quickly so I can do it all over the next day. I have a lot of friends who run half marathons or walk for miles at a time and they all have bone, joint and muscle problems. I love that I can share these oils with them and see that they are actually helping their conditions. What a great feeling it is to be able to help someone feel better!

Have a great day!     Jana

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