Another True Story…

doTERRA Strikes Again!There’s a woman I know who uses a lot of doTERRA‘s oils and products but she wanted to share a true story after using a certain skin care line. This system is called the Verage Skin Care System and it includes four unique products that work together to deliver beautiful, nourished, skin every time you use them. I have used this kit and I absolutely love it but because of what I do, I am always trying the new products that come out so I can write about them and share them on this blog. Anyway, I just reordered the Verage system so I’ll be starting back on the program in days. ~ So, Mary told me that she had areas on her neck where some of the skin had a pinkish hue and when she put on her facial makeup it made the pink hue on her neck stand out big time. She actually had to start putting make up on her neck to make it look better and this was a pain because the makeup would rub off on her shirt collars. After having good luck with the Verage system on her facial skin she decided to go all out and use each product  on her neck skin as well. Long story short, it helped in a very quick period of time, and she felt she had to share her story. ~ The four products in the Verage line are a gentle facial cleanser, a hydrating toner, an age-defying hydrating serum, and a non-greasy moisturizing lotion. They come in unbreakable bottles with easy to access pump application. Using this system in the morning and before bedtime will have you seeing changes to your skin in no time. Let me know if you would like details on each product because I can certainly get them to you!

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