A Babies Buddy

Melaleuca Essential Oil Takes Diaper Rash Away!!” Hi, I am a young mom who has been newly introduced to pure Essential Oils. I bought The Family Kit after going to a presentation of the oils and their uses. Since that time I have been using the oils for so many things and I just love the fact that this is a healthy way to ‘doctor’ my family. And one of the most comforting things that has happened is my using Melaleuca oil for my babies bottom area problem. I listened to the CD that is included in the kit and they were saying how gentle this oil was and also how potent it was for most skin issues. So I applied it to my daughter on the affected area and it helped to soothe the skin very quickly. What a relief! There is nothing worse then seeing your baby suffering. So Thank You ..we parents salute you! : )”

Susie J.         Carlsbad, CA

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