Swiss Cheese Brain

Try Essential Oils...Recently I received an email from a fellow Essential Oil user and she wanted to pass on a personal story so I could share it on this blog. There is a pretty common condition that people experience sometimes in their respiratory system. Since I’m not allowed to put the condition on this site anymore because of new compliance rules, I’ll just tell you that this respiratory condition feels like you are breathing through swiss cheese when you bend down, change positions, or sometimes just move. It leaves you feeling light-headed and unbalanced a lot of the time and the medications that people can take for it can have even worse side effects on the body. OK, so my new friend has a solution for you if you ever experience this issue. Try taking one of our new Seasonal Blend Capsules, along with diffusing and rubbing our Respiratory blend on your chest and under your nostrils. This combo packs a powerful punch and will have you feeling positive results fast. ~ Please contact me for details about these products and the Essential Oil company I work with. I can introduce you to some amazing oils that can fit in beautifully with your daily life. For the past few years I have had the pleasure of bringing many new people into the world of natural medicine that goes back thousands of years in history. I’d love to infect you with my passion for these oils and products, so contact me when you have some time.

Have a great day!    Jana

*** I am now free to say that I use & share doTerra Essential Oils & products!       ~ my official doTerra website!

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